EU-CHINA RESEARCH AND INNOVATION PARTNERSHIP (ECRIP): 4 Million Euros to fund mobility of EU Researchers to China

EU Researchers for mobility to China
Proposal concept note due by May 23, 2014

A major new programme of the European Commission will fund the mobility of European researchers to China was launched on April 4.  The aim is to intensify EU-China Research & Innovation (RI) partnerships by supporting the mobility of EU researchers to China and strengthening people-to-people contacts, from both the public and private sectors, in strategic RI sectors.

The overall indicative amount made available under this Call for Proposals is EUR 4 000 000. The Call for Proposals is divided into five lots of EUR 800 000 each, corresponding to five identified strategic areas:

Lot 1: Renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable energy solutions for cities;

Lot 2: Sustainable urban development and urban planning, green urban mobility and transport;

Lot 3: Health, public health and welfare policies - life sciences;

Lot 4: Information and communication technologies, smart cities;

Lot 5: Food, agriculture, bio-technologies and water.

Deadline to submit the proposal’s concept note is 23 May, 2014.

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