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Sinograduate Education Series
  Jokes about women PhDs are many in China. The most famous and ignominious is that earth has three species – men, women and women PhDs. A well-known writer of...
The author is a China-based diplomat.
  Hong Kong and Beijing boast some of the best universities in Asia. Having studied at the University of Hong Kong and Peking University, here is my personal take...
Growth Challenges
Dr. Lauren Johnston
Co-Founder and Director, Education & Economics, Sinograduate
  In late 1996 Tony Blair as then UK Opposition leader famously said, “Ask me my three main priorities for government and I tell you education, education, education...
Oliver Sedlinger and Dr. Lauren Johnston
  The tourism industry demands a wide range of skills of its talent pool – mobility, multi-lingualism, ability to serve, cultural awareness and operational...
Sinograduate Education Series
An increasing number of students from around the world are enrolling in degree-programs in China. Additionally, an increasing number of joint-PhD and joint-degree...
Dr. Tabitha Mallory
Princeton-Harvard China and the World Program Post-Doctoral Fellow
  If you’re a masters or Ph.D. student conducting social science research on China for your thesis or dissertation, at some point you might find yourself in China...
Growth Challenges
Dr. Lauren Johnston
Co-Founder, Sinograduate; Director, Economics & Education
In economics the impossible trinity describes how governments can set only two of three macroeconomic policy variables despite that are each otherwise independently...
Dr. Lauren Johnston
Co-Founder, Sinograduate; Director, Economics and Education
  China’s economy is increasingly being steered away from low-tech manufacturing and rather toward high-tech and talent rich economic drivers.  China’s...

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