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  • 2013-02-17

    China’s need to shift its growth model toward domestic consumption and innovation, and away from physical investment and export driven growth is increasingly common knowledge. For most in the West the idea an innovative China however is new, at least within their lifetimes.
  • 2013-02-06


    China is in the middle of a remarkable phase of nuclear power plant construction - unsurpassed in history.   This is understandable given that nuclear energy is the only credible means of producing dozens of gigawatts of emission-free electric power capacity with high load factors.
  • 2013-01-28

    The contemporary push to raise an elite few Chinese universities to international standard began in 1998 at Peking University (PKU). At the 100th centenary celebrations of PKU, then President Jiang Zemin announced “China must have a number of top-class universities at the international level”. Project 985, named after the date of Jiang’s speech, has allocated additional funding to those select universities since.[1]
  • 2013-01-23


    Myanmar is one of just four countries in the world to share a border with both of the world’s most populous countries, the others being Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan. It is also a land passage through which the Indian Ocean is accessible to China without passing the choppy waters of the South China Seas or the Straits of Malacca.
  • 2013-01-04


    Hong Kong lies strategically on China’s southeast coast, on the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea. Serving as a trading port for centuries, it was overseen from Beijing until the mid-19th. In 1842 China’s loss in the Opium Wars saw the area ceded to Britain.