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  • 2011-12-16

    Someone once said that “learning Chinese is a five-year lesson in humility".

    Mark Rowswell, (stage name Dashan 大山), would seem to agree.  Born and raised in Canada, Roswell is probably the most famous foreign face in China. A hugely popular Chinese language educator and television host, widely recognized as being one of the world’s most fluent, non-native Chinese speakers, Roswell says that when he first started learning Chinese, he was “horrified” to hear that it would take him ten years to achieve fluency. “27 years later”, he says, “I'm still working at it.”
  • 2011-08-17

    In 2007, when I told my friends that I am going to do my post-doc in the Department of Physics, Beijing Normal University in China, they thought I got the direction wrong. Back in the early 80's they would be probably less skeptical, as at that time the East was a popular direction among Polish scientists.