The Middle Dream


Dr. Lauren Johnston

Co-Founder, Sinograduate; Director of Economics and Education, Sinograduate


Soon after becoming Chinese President in November 2012 Xi Jinping spoke of his belief that “The Great Revival of the Chinese nation is the greatest Chinese dream”. Attempts to understand the concept of “Chinese dream” have followed extensively since.

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CYBER@WAR.COM: The Rise of The Machines


Stephane Oertel

Co-Founder and Director, Geopolitics, Sinograduate


Cyberspace is rapidly becoming a domain of conflict. Lack of a nuclear-type deterrent and an offense-dominated environment are breeding fear, distrust and over-reaction. Cyberspace is left relatively ungoverned, calling out for a similarly new type of revolution in global e-governance.


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The US Pivot - Peace, Circle, or Costly Experiment?


Stephane Oertel

Director, Geopolitics, Sinograduate


The US ‘pivot’, a policy of re-balancing America’s economic, military and political focus toward the Asia Pacific was instigate in 2011. The Pivot came in response to tensions in a region that is now at the centre of the world economy. Some however claim that it includes a common thread of policy initiatives that reveal a thinly veiled attempt to encircle China.

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From “Responsible Stakeholder” to Common Endeavour


Dr. Thomas Hale

Post-Doctoral Scholar, Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford University


To solve global problems, countries should spend less time admonishing China to become a responsible stakeholder, and focus instead on nurturing the domestic coalitions of interest groups and providing the technical capacity that will make it so.

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The Princeling Has No New Clothes


Dr. Lauren Johnston

Co-Founder, Sinograduate


A new era has begun in China and arguably for the world, with the ascent of Xi Jinping to President of China, and the appointment of new Premier, Li Keqiang. Gone are the more autocratic and stiff character associations of former President Hu Jintao. Xi, like the country itself, is likely to walk taller and more comfortably on the international stage.

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European vs Asian integration: is China Asia’s Germany…and Japan its UK?


Stephane Oertel and Lauren Johnston

Sinograduate Co-Founder and Director, Geopolitics; Sinograduate Co-Founder and Director, Growth Challenges and Education

As Xi takes China’s reigns at the 2013 Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, it is worth a longer-term look at what might change in the region over his expected decade-long Presidency of the People’s Republic of China. In this commentary we do so comparatively, through the lens of regional changes underway in the European Union.

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Myanmar: Between Powers


Stephane Oertel

Co-Founder and Director of Geopolitics, Sinograduate


Myanmar is one of just four countries in the world to share a border with both of the world’s most populous countries, the others being Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan. It is also a land passage through which the Indian Ocean is accessible to China without passing the choppy waters of the South China Seas or the Straits of Malacca.

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North East Asia’s “Waterloo” in Gangnam


Dr. Lauren Johnston

Co-Founder and Director of Growth Challenges and Education, Sinograduate

In 1974 the first Swedish pop band hit the English language Billboard Hit 100 with a cover of “Hooked on a Feeling”, by Blue Swede. The same year, ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest with their hit ‘Waterloo’.

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