Dear Daoshi

Chinese Scholarship Application Tips


Gabriel Corsetti and Lauren Johnston

Researcher, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Co-Founder, Sinograduate

The number of foreign students enrolling in Chinese universities is increasing. About 320,000 overseas students came to China in 2012. Students from South Korea and the United States comprise the largest national groups among these students. By 2020, China plans to host 500,000 international students.

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The view from Kinshasa, 2005: My family think I'll return a PhD in snake-eating Buddhist kungfu


Dr Mundele Beya

Economist, Ministry of Finance, Congo, DRC; PhD Economics, Peking University (2012)

Dear Daoshi,

Nobody forced me to go to China. Rather it was my personal decision. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to go and experience another country. I wanted something different from the usual western countries. Another society. China was the right choice. The choice coincided well as China is increasingly an economic power participating in, leading even, a sudden change of world economic order. 

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Why your shijie (师姐) is your shijie(世界)


Sinograduate China Education Series

The hierarchy of Chinese academia, the parallel academic and political structures around and within it, can be difficult to interpret. Foreign students and teachers alike can find themselves puzzled as to when and with whom to approach student and professional relationships.

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