Sinograduate provides information, views and news on higher education and R&D in China.

Chinese higher education is at the forefront of China’s drive to become a scientific and technological leader. With China set to become the world’s largest economy sometime in the next decade, understanding China’s higher education sector is arguably a key to understanding the future of the world economy. See some our thoughts on the World Economic Forum blog.

Sinograduate was born in 2007, when few were looking at China’s education sector. Follow us for regular updates of leading news and thought leadership on China’s higher education sector over those years ahead.

To interested users we offer consultancy services to institutions and students.

Sinograduate’s efforts to improve knowledge of and cooperate with China’s emerging research and innovation institutions, especially its universities, were also credited with a mention in “Expanding Our Horizon – Forty Years of Australia-China Collaboration and Exchagne in Education, Science and Research“, a commemorative gift handed to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on a visit to China in April 2013.

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