• Education

    Peking Dux: Beijing city and University Top China’s University Rankings

    The contemporary push to raise an elite few Chinese universities to international standard began in 1998 at Peking University (PKU). At the 100th centenary celebrations of PKU, then President Jiang Zemin announced “China must have a number of top-class universities at the international level”. Project 985, named after the date of Jiang’s speech, has allocated additional funding to those select universities since.[1]

  • Growth Challenges

    Are London and Hong Kong trading places?

    Hong Kong lies strategically on China’s southeast coast, on the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea. Serving as a trading port for centuries, it was overseen from Beijing until the mid-19th. In 1842 China’s loss in the Opium Wars saw the area ceded to Britain. Under British administration and a favourable taxation regime, over the 20th century in particular Hong Kong was transformed into a thriving international business hub. The city grew to enjoy one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, amid a region that was still relatively poor. Until 1979 and for at least a decade thereafter main land China was impoverished, and largely cut off…