• Growth Challenges

    Superconducting technology made in China

    Nowadays, in the era of constantly growing appetite of energy and dwindling conventional resources for its generation, no one doubts that the idea of burning more coal to get more energy has to be revised and replaced by some more innovative solutions. Putting the problem of energy generation aside for a moment, it is also wise to think how to improve energy transport. Imagine how much could be saved if we were able to reduce the inevitable energy losses during the transport. We could save even more if we were able to eliminate them completely.

  • Education

    An MBA in China

    Many misconceptions, apprehensions and perceived barriers about China continue to abound in the West, despite China’s now well established position as the number two economy in the world. These are further fuelled by a lack of basic appreciation and understanding of Chinese culture, society, ways of thinking and ways of doing.